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The Designed 4 Group


Playground Entertainment Group (PEG's)  has partnered with Sydney-based The Designed 4 Group, a design, product development and producer of consumer products in the sports and lifestyle industry to exclusively design and manufacturer PEG's product ranges. 

All future developement programs will be goverened and controlled by the following process.


Design Develop Deliver (3D’s)

The Process – Consumer Products

When D4G approach any new project, progress and work methods are governed by the 3D’s.

  • Design  - Creative and client management groups
  • Develop – Pre production department
  • Deliver – Production and Logistic departments


Whist the groups plays a critical a role in each project, no department is allowed to drive the process. To do this would deliver a result below expectations and put the project’s success in jeopardy.


To avoid this happening the following process is followed from start to finish:


Step 1. Design (client management) – The scope of the project is received and the design department (creative) present back to the D4G team their initial concepts

Time line 1 - 2 weeks




Step 2. Develop  (Pre production) - assess the concepts and any potential production issues that need to be resolved are addresses at this stage.

When both the Design & Develop groups are satisfied including briefing the partner factory, Design  (client management) will revert to the customer for approval/comment.

Time line 1 week




Step 3. After this meeting and final sign-off, Design (client management) will then place the order with Deliver (production).

A PP sample will be produced by Develop (pre-production) so the customer can give final approval.

Design (client management) will take the PP sample to the customer. With the customer approval Design (client management) will thenplace the order with Deliver (production).

Time line 2 – 3 weeks




Step 4. Deliver (productions & logistics) will then liaise with the factory and shipping company to arrange the goods to be produced to spec and then sent to the required destination

Time line 8 – 10 weeks